Ring Doorbell Review

Ring Doorbell Review

Ring doorbell review talks about the security device that comes with amazing features for the complete safety of you and your family. It may be the oldest among the best video doorbells but still, has outstanding features.

If you are a concerned father like me, you probably always worry about the safety of your family even when they are at home. I know I do! That is why I trust this device. It has some outstanding features and is specifically crafted to safeguard your home from any incidence of burglary, theft, and others. No droughts, I’ve found it to be the finest security system for my home. ring-video-doorbellFortunately, I haven’t encountered any outward incidents yet and was able to keep some unscrupulous characters out of my premises both during the day and at night. Having worked for me, I know it works.

How it works

It will send you a real time notification once someone is at the door, this comes directly to your iPhone app. In your ring app, you can respond to the person appropriately. It gives you the chance to see the person and even interact with him/her before you open the door. It also gives a clear picture of the set location to be monitored at any movement, and it can be seen remotely

Here’s my detailed ring doorbell review. Hope it helps you as much as it has already helped me.


I was quite happy about its various features, and I know you’ll be happy too after reading my preview on the same.

The primary feature of this device is that it keeps you and your family safe 24/7. It is true that your life might be in danger when you open your door without actually knowing the identity of the person outside. However, with this product, you will be able to take a remote control and see the face of the person standing at your door. In fact, you can even go on and interact with him/her to know more about them before you can give them access to your house.

Clear Night Vision

I was very impressed with this feature. In other cameras or security devices, you might face a problem in seeing what or who is behind the door in the dark. With this product, you are assured of clear pictures any time of the day or night.

As you already know most of the crime cases arise at night, criminals and burglars usually take the advantage of the dark to go about their nasty deeds. With the high level of performance during the night, this security system won’t let you down. All suspicious people and objects will be clearly visible even at night.


It’s better to know about how climate can wreak havoc on amazing gadgets. Electronic gadgets can easily suffer damage due to harsh weather. However, the best part about a device is that it is not affected by extreme weather conditions at all-cold, heat, snow or wind. Whether you reside in ice region or near a desert, this product will withstand the test of time, and the weather in this case and hence serve you always.

Monitor with ease

I bet you will not find this awesome feature in any other security system other than this.

The moment someone knocks at the door, you would usually rush to see who is at the door, even if you are in the middle of something important. At some point, it forces you to shout just to know who is at the door which may not appear very kind to some people. Such situations will not be seen with this doorbell in place!

Now you can hit the monitoring key, inquire about the guest’s identity and let them know whether you are at home or way. It may appear funny, but I’m not kidding.

You could be having a shower or out in the backyard; you can still continue doing that while checking who’s on the other side of the door and unlocking it. In fact, you can draw boxes over the areas where you want the monitoring to be done. The best part of all, you can create additional custom zones for better protection and safety.

Warranty and Replacement

Of course, most security systems come with warranty and replacement guarantee, and this is not left out.So, you will get the warranty for one year on parts as well as labor.

However, a fascinating part is that you can enjoy lifetime purchase protection. Yes, if burglars can’t get into your home and they decide to steal whatever they can lay their hands on – your security device for instance. The company will replace the unit without any charges. All you need to do is to provide a copy of police report to acquire the replacement. If you find the device faulty at the time of unboxing, you can get it replaced or be refunded in 30 days and not later than that.

  • Field of view of 180 degrees
  • Video quality of 720p HD
  • It can connect to the existing hardwired doorbell
  • You can manage multiple doorbells from one app.
  • Adding and integrating with other different partners like ADT Pulse, Lockstate is equally easy


This is one of the easiest devices to install, talking from my first experience, it took me less than 3 minutes to have mine up and running. Well, it’s true! I was able to install it without any issues at all irrespective of being a first time user of the device. So even if this is the first time you’re installing a security system, don’t worry you can do it on your own without many hustles. In fact, it’s created on a plug and play basis. It also comes with an installation paper and video guides.

You can decide to use the rechargeable battery or fix it to your existing doorbell or some other external power. Don’t worry much about the power in case you are using an external power source; it comes with advance power kit which can be an alternative energy to power the doorbell.

You won’t need any professional technician to do it for you. The installation steps are quite simple and straightforward, and you can easy installation steps. You don’t need to cut any wire, all tools are here, just clip the wires together and you will be ready to start using your device.

I have no doubt absolutely that you will be able to install this safety device successfully.

Video Quality

This amazing product records 720 HD video; this implies the video will not be of very high quality but can enable you to see both during the day and at night. Additionally, it also has an advanced motion detection sensor, which is also a supreme quality. It stands out distinct because even in the dark, it can record with the highest level of clarity.

Audio Quality

One of the critical features of a security device is the quality of the audio. At some point, pictures only may not give a full understanding of what is going on. It is interesting to note that audio only delays from your doorbell to iPhone, but not from iPhone to door bell.

Pros and Cons of the product


  • Battery live visible hence you can know when to charge it again.
  • Battery can be charged once a year (no need to cut a wire in the house)
  • Easy to use
  • Modern design
  • HD video and audio quality
  • Lifetime protection (if someone steals the doorbell, it will be replaced for free)
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi connection
  • Cloud recording  


  • It does not support live streaming of the video
  • It is limited to the setup of the location to track and the distant it can cover.


The Ring Doorbell is equally a very good device provided you don’t go into details of the quality of the video and advance motion detection. I tried the device at home before I changed to ring video doorbell pro, the results were amazing. However, I would like certain aspects to be improved such as the motion detection since it tends to act up sometimes. I highly recommend this doorbell to anyone interested in making their home smarter, if your budget cannot match that of other security devices there is always something for you.


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