Ring Doorbell Pro Review

Ring Doorbel Pro Review

Almost every gadget we own today is slowly getting smarter, watches, TVs, phones, refrigerators, the list is endless. Recently, Ring introduced a second product into the smart housing market, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Like its predecessor, it replaces both the traditional internet enabled security camera and the doorbell. Based on several reviews I had read before, many users complained about motion detection and the quality of video from security cameras. Despite being a relatively new inclusion into the niche, the device has gained a lot of attention and I decided to buy it for myself. In this article, we shall analyze the features, pros and cons and general specifications of the device and determine whether or not it is the next big thing in matters of security.  


How it works

The device has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that offers the opportunity to install it anywhere. You can easily connect it to you existing doorbell wiring or set it up from scratch. In addition to this, motion-triggered alerts are sent to you via its dedicated application to inform you of your expected guests and any other unexpected visitors. You can easily download the application on your iOS and Android devices without any hassles. Isn’t that cool?

It has an inbuilt camera and a ring button. Alerts are fully customized and can be received from the smartphone app. The Pro is Wi-Fi enabled and through this capability, it can connect to your smartphone through your home Wi-Fi. It has a one way HD video camera that relays real-time video from your doorstep onto your phone. Installation requires a wired connection or preexisting wired doorbell.

Motion detection feature enables the Pro to start recording when motion is detected to avoid idle time being used unnecessarily. It is a secure smart device and cannot be easily compromised due to its bank grade encryption. The Wi-Fi connects on two spectrum ranges, the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. 5GHz gives a better quality connection since it is a less crowded spectrum. The distance between the device and the Wi-Fi hotspot of your home will most likely determine to which spectrum you connect to.


Every purchase comes with a 30 day trial for the cloud recording feature. Footage recorded at this time may be reviewed for up to six months. Pricing after the trial is at 3 dollars a month or 30 dollars for a year. Unfortunately, the subscription does not extend to multiple pieces. If you have installed several pieces around your house, you will have to pay for each of their cloud subscriptions.  

Personally, I liked the lifetime purchase protection which differs from the warranty. You get your camera replaced if it gets stolen provided you file a police report.  

The Pro is very impressive, it has better quality than most other options in this niche and is mile ahead of competition when it comes to motion detection. The following is a breakdown of the features:

  • FullHD video. (1080p)
  • Wide angle field of view. (160 degrees horizontal and 100 degrees vertical)
  • Built-in night vision capability and using LED technology.
  • Two-way audio streaming with active noise and echo cancellation.
  • Advanced motion detection system.
  • Dimensions: 0.80 by 1.85 by 4.5 inches.
  • Maintains a clear view of your home’s entrance and the cloud recording feature allows review of the footage at a later time.
  • Motion automatically triggers the recording to start.
  • Customized alert zones.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Quick and easy to setup. Mounting and connecting to the home’s private Wi-Fi can be done in a few minutes.
  • Available in four colors.
  • Comes with a lifetime purchase protection and a one year warranty for parts.
  • Compatible with most operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows 10)
  • Has a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi channel spectrum to provide for a reliable audio and video streaming experience.
  • Is connected to the Ring app which enables receiving of alerts and reviewing of footage.
  • Cloud connectivity enables speaking to visitors while away from home.
  • Bank-grade encryption.


The Ring Pro is really easy to set up, its package even includes the necessary tools needed for the installation process. It contains the following items:

  • Video Doorbell Pro Itself
  • Screwdriver and mounting screws/anchors
  • 4 Interchangeable faceplates
  • Optional wiring and connectors
  • Drill Bit
  • Pro Power Kit
  • Installation Screws & Anchors
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • You may also need wire clips and a wire harness.

Before installation, you have to determine whether or not your existing doorbell is powered. An LED light indicates that it is but you must open it up to confirm the presence of the wiring. In case none of these are present, you will have to install the wiring system since the security device won’t function without it. Ring has a professional video which they explain the installation process, however, here is the procedure.

Open up the doorbell screws and disconnect the wires. Existing connections have only two wires, it doesn’t matter where either wire goes. 

Connect the wires to the terminals. A second item needs to be installed for the Ring Pro. It resembles a power pack and it goes inside the casing of the mechanical doorbell chime.  

This ensures that the security device gets enough power to operate normally. Finding a space inside the box to mount the power pack is the challenge. Ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the chimes themselves.  

The Pro shows up as a Wi-Fi hotspot that connects to your smartphone then the rest of the configuration is completed with the smartphone Ring app.  

Video Quality

It has a 1080p HD video recorder with a wide field of view. It can view up to 160 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertically. It streams one way only to ensure maximum security.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of the security device is equally important and you must be keen to get the best. It has two way audio streaming with active noise cancellation.  

Pros and Cons of the product


  • Two-way audio and one-way video (for privacy concerns)
  • Easy to use
  • Modern design
  • HD video and audio quality
  • Built-in night vision and LED technology
  • Lifetime protection (if someone steals the doorbell, it will be replaced for free)
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi connection
  • Cloud recording
  • VIP customer service


  • Field of view is smaller than the first generation Ring.
  • It can be easily stolen. Even though it will be replaced, you remain unsecure for a period of time.


The Ring Video Doorbell Pro works really well and I’m content with it. However, I would like certain aspects to be improved such as the motion detection since it tends to act up some times. This could be patched up by future software updates anyway so it is not much of a deal breaker. Depending on your house, installation of the power kit may make the setup difficult. The hardware is impressive in all aspects. I am sure all aesthetic needs will be met since the pro comes with four different faceplates. I highly recommend this best smart doorbell to anyone interested in making their home smarter, it is definitely a good security device to buy.


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