August Doorbell Cam Review

August Doorbell Cam Review

Doorbell cameras provide a convenient and safe means, of observing who is knocking, without approaching or opening the door. With the August Doorbell cameras, you get crystal clear video images from your door. It is equipped with numerous smart functionalities. It has been fitted with a built-in 140-degree camera, live video streaming, responsive push alerts, as well as high quality video resolution. This August doorbell review provides you with an in-depth analysis of the device.august

Design and Features

The design of this product is similar to the August Smart Lock. It is currently available in two major colors, which are silver and dark grey. A large 2-inch button has been fitted at the center, to activate the camera and the buzzer. The camera is small, with a field of view of 120 degree towards the upper right corner.

The motion sensor has been located towards the upper left. There is a speaker beneath the buzzer button together with an array of microphones, to provide two-way audio communications between your phone and the doorbell. It is slightly different from the other doorbell cameras, since it uses low-light technology, instead of infrared LEDs for recording night time video.

Just like the August Smart Lock, the August Doorbell cam uses the same iSO and Android app. Once someone presses its button, you immediately receives a push notification on your smartphone. This takes you directly to the app. From the app, you can view live video, as well as talk with the individual or person at the door. You can also deny the call if you prefer


This can requires just a few installation steps to have it up and running, which you will learn in this August cam review. It is offered with necessary anchors and screws, plus two back plate options. One plate can be used for wedge plate mounting while the other if for normal flush mount. With wedge plate mount, you can install the doorbell at a certain angle, allowing you to see the person standing in front of your door, discreetly.

Also included in the package is a spacer backplate, if you want to install a smart keypad app next to the doorbell cam. However, this can only be used together with the flat mounting plate. The company has provided an online installation guide, providing all the necessary steps for installing this doorbell cam. The guides also proves you with all the necessary tools needed for this process.  

Wiring the device straight to the doorbell is pretty straightforward. However, you will have to drill your wall on the position where your doorbell is currently located, to mount it properly. The installation guide is easy and quick to follow. However, you can also hire the services of a professional installer, just to ensure that everything is done accordingly. You can also seek the services of a professional installer, if you are not comfortable doing it, or if you lack the requisite skills.

Anybody who has basic handyman skills will do this installation comfortably, within a very short time. In general, it will take you around 20 minutes to have the whole process done, from removing the current doorbell to drilling the holes on the wall, as well as mounting the new plate, wiring it up and screwing it into position. There is a small screw at the bottom of the end, to secure the doorbell cam on the bracket, via the included hex wrench.

The hex wrench secures the doorbell cam and prevents it from being removed easily after it is fixed. The company also offers a theft replacement guarantee. The installation instructions may insist on using the wedge plate for better viewing. However, if you don’t prefer and angled look, it is just better to stick with the flat mounting option. You just need to position the camera at the right place or somewhere that your visitors are most likely to stand.

How it Works

Once it has been connected to power, you can proceed to test it. Just press the big central button and listen for your doorbell. This is just to confirm and prove that the device is powered. From there you can pair the device with your home’s WI-FI network through the August home app. During this step, it is much better to bring the August cam, closer to your WI-FI router. The Doorbell cam comes with an internal battery. This keeps the cam powered for some time, when it has been disconnected from the wiring. However, if your WI-FI extender of WI-FI router is within 20 feet, from the front door, this will not be necessary.

If you have previously used the August home app, the adding this cam is easy and straightforward. You just go to the main setting menu, then the rest will follow from that point. If this is your first contact with the August family, then you will first need to create an August account. A single app allows you to use the two devices. Once you have set up the Doorbell cam, you instantly get a new screen, which allows you easily monitor the activities on your front door. With the pairing of devices, you can unlock your front door easily, and respond to caller at the same time through the Doorbell cam.

In basic terms, once someone presses the button, the Doorbell cam will ring your Doorbell. As previously indicated, it will also send a push notification to your Apple watch, iPhone and android smartphone. This also includes all the other devices, which have been connected to the August Home App. You also get a chance of seeing the person at the front door, on your iPhone. You can initiate a conversation or simply ignore them. The push-to –talk feature ensures that the person at the door can only hear from you, when you talk to them. It does not pick up any conversation in the background or noise in the house.

Video Quality

One of the best factors to consider is the quality of the video when choosing the device for you house. The video provided by August cam is real time and without any delay giving it an additional advantage. The quality of the video is in the range of 1280-by -960 HD.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of the August Doorbell is an important feature and you must be keen to get the best for your own use. The audio quality is equally good with minor delays as compared to the video but still works perfect.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent HD images quality
  • Easy to integrate with August Smart Lock
  • On-demand video steaming
  • Easy to navigate the app
  • Responsive push alerts and video feeds
  • August Doorbell Cam has resolution 960p


Just like any other device August Doorbell cam has a few cons that come with it.

  • Video recording and motion detection not yet enabled
  • Complicated installation process
  • Not connected with intercom systems and digital chimes.


August Doorbell has now made it safer for you to monitor your home both during the day and night. The changing technology has now integrated your door and your phone and you can see who is visiting or coming in advance. If you see danger or detect strange people you can easily raise an alarm for help. Try it today and enjoy all the features that come with August doorbell cam. With August Doorbell cam you can now say my security my choice.

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